Why is it a great idea to invest in Miami?

For a long time now, Miami has been the place to be and the place to invest! It attracts a significant number of people that seek adventure, freshness, and culture, due to the many opportunities it offers to enjoy life, art, and explore the world within the city.

Tourism is always blooming.

Miami is the host of many tourists per year; in 2017 alone, Miami had a record-breaking 15.86 million unique visitors. Moreover, during the same year, overnight visitors spent a whopping $25.97 billion in direct expenditure, which means excellent business for landlords, buyers, and sellers, due to the many opportunities to buy and sell.

Lots of beaches!

Miami is a stunning and serene city that has a lot of beaches that attract many visitors throughout the year. Many of those end up staying for this reason, and also the great Miami weather, which is one of the best in the U.S. – Beaches and exceptionally warm weather most of the year? Who would wanna miss that?

Easy in, easy out

MIA is the most significant international gateway for American Airlines and welcomes more than 35 million passengers every year. From MIA to over 70 major cities in America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Do you avoid big airports? Ft Lauderdale airport offers you many local and international flights, easy and convenient.

The best properties, the best prices!

Money is often the number one factor that people consider when choosing a place to settle. For instance, in places like San Francisco and New York, you might need at least $2000 a month to rent a relatively small home. But in Miami, you can find great rental opportunities at just $1200 a month. It’s a very considerable difference that makes Miami a fabulous option for a person to settle.

No Estate, Income and Inheritance taxes

Florida does not impose taxes on income, inheritance, and estate. (Big smile, right?)

Excellent walkable streets

The city’s roads and neighborhoods are friendly to pedestrians of all ages, making it more enjoyable for outdoorsy people. Add up walkable streets with beautiful beaches and warm weather, you get a magnificent combination that would make anyone fall in love with the sunny Miami.

Miami is undoubtedly a great place to invest; whether you’re planning to live there or not, it is undeniable that the real estate market has a lot of demand, from buyers as well as from sellers.

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