By Nicole Schubert | June 21, 2018

The last buildable island in South Florida is officially taken! The luxury twin tower residential development anchored in the waters of the Aventura Intracoastal. With 360-degree views of the water from every room, Prive Islands is exquisite. We sat down with developer Daniel Lebensohn of BH3 to tour the private island, hear about the process and what local buyers can expect to experience in this unique lifestyle of living.

Tell us about developing a property on the last build-able island.
DANIEL LEBENSOHN: We are grateful to have had this opportunity to build an iconic property on a truly singular piece of island real estate.

What are some of the special features?
DL: It has countless unique features. First and foremost, it is completely private, secure and secluded but accessible to many community amenities, including the airport, Gulf Stream, waterways and ocean access. Each building contains vast amenities that are identical to one another; 70,000 feet of amenities interior and outdoor amenities; Marina, fishing pier, wine rooms, social rooms, billiards, libraries, diversified art installations from around the globe.

How does it feel to build something this special?
DL: This is by far our most notable development. At the end of the day we are a boutique shop with humble beginnings and this is a proud achievement for our team and my partners and me.

Prive Residences are more than 70 percent sold and are estimated to have a $500 million sellout. Is this a record for the Aventura area?
DL: We are setting new pricing points for Aventura. It is the highest end project and lifestyle play in Aventura and many other geographies within Miami. We’re over 80 percent sold now.

You had an all-star development and design team! That must have been incredible.
DL: Relationships brought us together. Our business is founded on and thrives on authentic relationships and that often results in good people thinking of us for right fit projects and people.

Art has become an essential component of luxury living. How can residents experience art as an element in the Prive Residents?
DL: The buildings are living sculptures and their walls and public spaces have been curated by an amazing team, from the interior designer to an art curator and myself. Julia Chi, Kipton Cronkite and I, respectfully.

Tell us about Privé’s multi-million-dollar art collection, consisting of more than 100 masterpieces throughout the island.
DL: The development doubles museum you can live in; art from around the globe; from Mexico to Spain to NY to FL to Atlanta to Australia and back. Extraordinary blend of contemporary works, some on loan from ownership, the art in each tower is what distinguishes each as a finishing touch. Our owners also have access to our team to assist in curating their own collections and unit finishes.

Of course, luxury living couldn’t be complete without private dining. What can future residents expect to experience at Privé’s private poolside restaurant run by Chef Aldo?
DL: Five-star dining in a beautiful relaxed setting with accolades from residence already. And it is all theirs, completely private.

What unique developments can local South Florida buyers expect to see in the future?
DL: The bar has been raised this cycle as have the expectations of the buyers. We will always look to distinguish our developments and create timeless special living environments that we are proud of and that people smile upon as iconic and singular.

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