Resi brokers are making hay in Wellington

In a tony enclave in Palm Beach County, streets have names like Appaloosa Trail and Equine Lane, signs demand that horses have the right of way, and fully outfitted barns sell in the multimillions of dollars.

Welcome to Wellington, considered the winter equestrian capital of the world. It’s the seasonal playground for families of such billionaires as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and the late Steve Jobs, as well as celebrities Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.

Properties trading hands here — usually for many millions of dollars — are anchored by sprawling barns, with riding rings, tack (equipment) rooms, horse treadmills and staff apartments.

The community comes alive during the Winter Equestrian Festival, which runs from January through March, and polo events at the International Polo Club Palm Beach extending into late April or May.

The festival draws thousands of spectators and competitors to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center for competitions that include hunters and jumpers (hunters use lower fences than jumpers and are judged more on style, while jumpers are judged more on speed), dressage (similar to horses dancing) and polo. It’s often the daughters of magnates who compete, like Georgina Bloomberg, Eve Jobs, Jennifer Gates and Jessica Springsteen.

“Guys like yachts, girls like horses,” said Martha Jolicoeur of Douglas Elliman in Wellington, a former competitive equestrian who closed $65.6 million in sales last year, ranking her as the brokerage’s highest-grossing agent in Florida.

For real estate brokers, the fast-paced winter season marks the busiest time of the year, when most equestrian properties change hands. “Eighty percent of our sales are between Christmas and Easter,” said Thomas Baldwin, broker/owner of the aptly named Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty. With 40 agents, his brokerage handles about 100 sales — many of them for equestrian properties — totaling $175 million per year.

Brokers say the past season was a strong one. In fact, during the past two years, Baldwin said, he has noticed an increase in sales year-round. He had an $11 million farm and a $6 million farm go under contract recently, both of which are set to close in July.

“In the summer they decide, ‘Let’s buy something — we know we’re going to be in Wellington [for the winter season],’” said Carol Sollak, co-owner of Engel & Völkers in Wellington. Her brokerage has various pending sales set to close this summer, she said. Engel & Völkers, Equestrian Sotheby’s, Douglas Elliman and Keller Williams, are among the most active in the highly competitive Wellington market for equestrian real estate.

The neigh-borhood

Equestrian farms, which generally range from 2.5 acres to 40 acres or more, dominate the 14.4-square-mile Equestrian Preserve in Wellington.

The most valuable properties are within a short “hacking” distance of the showgrounds, eliminating the need to bring the horse by trailer, brokers say. (Hacking is riding a horse at normal walking speed.)

“It’s $1 million an acre with no structure if you’re within a 10-minute hack,”
Baldwin said.

But that’s just the starting price. Already built-out, luxurious farms, which may include a mansion as large as 20,000 square feet, plus a barn with more than two dozen horse stalls and staff quarters, riding rings, a horse treadmill and other equestrian features, can be priced as high as $25 million or more, he said.

Jen Drahan, an agent with Keller Williams’ luxury division in Wellington, said that about 100 Wellington farms are currently on the market. Of a total of about 900 equestrian properties in the village, that’s a drop from about 130 a year ago, brokers say.

“Farms that are updated and modernized and not needing a big renovation or construction tend to move faster,” Drahan said.

According to a Douglas Elliman first-quarter report, 14 single-family homes with two-plus acres sold during the first quarter, up 40 percent from the first quarter of 2018. The average price was $3.5 million, up 111 percent from the same period of 2018.

“The difference we are seeing now is the Trump effect with the tax breaks, and with New York, Connecticut and New Jersey rates increasing, we’re seeing more and more people coming here and becoming full-time residents,” Baldwin said.

Among sales in late April, records show billionaire Andrey Borodin, a Russian exile living in the United Kingdom, paid $23 million for a polo facility that was once home to the Venezuelan polo team Lechuza Caracas. Borodin’s Park Place Polo Fields Corporation bought the 62-acre property at 4370 South Road. Sotheby’s Baldwin brokered the sale, but declined to disclose the buyer.

Completed in 2015, the equestrian compound includes a 60-stall polo barn, a 12-stall show-jumping barn, tack rooms, feed rooms, an aquatic horse walker, staff apartments with a kitchen and a manager’s office.

Buyers of equestrian properties often hail from the Northeast, the Midwest, California and Canada, as well as from Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, brokers say. Yet in the hot summer months, the area is largely vacant of residents and horses, as owners take them to Kentucky, North Carolina, Saratoga or Europe to compete.

An extra perk for property owners: They can apply for an agricultural designation to get a discount on property taxes, which could range from 30 percent to 50 percent, brokers say. But if a home is on the property, that portion of the it is not subject to the tax break.

A won horse town

Wellington incorporated in 1985, and the 28-square-mile village now has a population of about 65,000. It is anchored by the 2,200-acre Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, which was initially developed in the late 1970s. Today, it has 1,250 homes, with condos beginning in the mid-$300,000s and single-family homes priced at more than $12 million, Baldwin said. The club does not allow barns.

The club was developed by Bill Ylvisaker, considered a founder of Wellington, who brought polo to the area, said Michael O’Dell, assistant planning, zoning and building director for the village.

“He created a high-end environment, and inside of Palm Beach Polo and Country Club he created the original polo fields and polo stadium, and that’s how he marketed Wellington — the polo lifestyle, the farm operations, the equestrian operations,” O’Dell said.

In the 1980s, the 248-acre International Polo Club was built; Mark Bellissimo and his partners bought it for $72 million in 2016. Bellissimo and his partners also own and operate the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, which they bought for a reported $135 million in 2006. It’s where competition at the Winter Equestrian Festival takes place.

“The big differentiator is the competition,” O’Dell said. “That’s why we have residents like [Bill] Gates who buy properties here. They are here for so long, they want to be living in their own home.”

Among the properties currently on the market is a 4.1-acre estate at 2993 Appaloosa Trail, listed for $13.9 million by Douglas Elliman’s Jolicoeur. She declined to disclose the owner of the property, called Poden Farms, but records show it is Neil Moffitt, the former CEO of Hakkasan Group, whose daughter is a competitive rider.

The recently renovated 8,700-square-foot mansion, built in 2006, comes with a 16-stall barn, two guest apartments, staff quarters, an arena, saltwater pool, summer kitchen, seven paddocks and two horse treadmills, including a water treadmill.

“Neighborhoods that have experienced the biggest growth and highest appreciation are the neighborhoods that the horse people buy in, sell in and reside in when they are here,” Jolicoeur said, “because without the horse people in Wellington, Wellington would be similar to any other town in Florida.”

Even barns without a main residence, but furnished with chandeliers, staff quarters, riding rings and other outdoor areas, can be priced at $8 million to $12 million or more. And a four-month lease can cost $400,000 for a 20- to 26-stall barn, Baldwin said.

Perhaps the largest, most well-known high-end area for equestrian barns is Grand Prix Village, which has 35 properties — just one with a house and all with horse training facilities. Owners include the Firestone family (of tire manufacturing fame) and the Johnsons of Fidelity Bank, area experts say.

There, Sotheby’s Baldwin has an $8 million listing for a four-acre, 26-stall barn built three years ago, at 14878 Grand Prix Village Drive. It comes with an owner’s lounge, sand ring, treadmill for horses, three-bedroom staff quarters and six paddocks.

It’s currently leased out to Legacy Stables. On a recent day, the firm’s trainers and groomers were attending to the stately horses, including Chabentyno, who was getting a laser therapy treatment on a leg, geared to help stimulate circulation.

Show ponies

Buying the house and barn is just the start of the expenses involved in the equestrian life. Most who live the equestrian lifestyle own 12 to 30 horses, and polo “patrons” or teams may have 30 ponies each, Baldwin said. Horses competing internationally can cost $2 million to $5 million each, he added.

The interior of 2993 Appaloosa Trail

“There’s so much money there, it’s mind-boggling,” said Toni Schrager, co-owner of Brown Harris Stevens Miami, whose daughters used to show in Wellington. “The money that people spend on their horses — they have treadmills, they have pools, massages, chiropractors.”

In Wellington, developers also build spec barns, with or without homes on their properties.

Pinecrest-based spec home developer Deniz Ergener and his partner Dan O’Rourke built a spec barn and home in Wellington’s Palm Beach Point a few years ago. They sold the property for $5.15 million in 2015, a couple of months after listing it for $5.35 million, Ergener said. The five-acre property has a 12-stall, 9,000-square-foot barn, an 8,000-square-foot house and a 1,600-square-foot grooms’ quarters, Ergener said.

“A barn is more important than a house, actually,” Ergener said. “Most people love their horses — they care about their horses more than anything else. When they come to a showing, they want to see the barn before the house.”

Nancy Batchelor, a top Miami Beach-based agent for EWM Realty International, is an equestrian who competes in the hunter division in Wellington during the season. “I do it for fun, and it helps me relax and focus,” she said.

In March, Batchelor paid $750,000 for a 2,800-square-foot house with a pool at the Aero Club in Wellington, five minutes from the showgrounds. She keeps her horses separately at East Wind Farms in Southwest Ranches.

“It’s a very horse-friendly community, with horse paths, some of the best vets, anything to do with equine — it’s all there,” she said of Wellington. “During the season, [there are] the events, the parties, the fundraising. It’s really an exciting place to be.”

Horóscopo de Hoy, 2 de septiembre

Horóscopo de Hoy, 2 de septiembre

La Frase de Hoy


“¿Deseas que Dios te hable mucho, mucho, mucho? Abre tu Biblia y léela mucho, mucho, mucho”

— Justin Peters.

     Por la doctora Aurora



Aries 22 de marzo-21 de abril


Todo tu cuerpo añora el sol en medio de la lluvia, sabe que te da oportunidad de restablecer tu físico y te proporciona las energías necesarias para salir adelante. Todos los días de esta semana serán favorables para ti, aunque tengas que lidiar con el clima que estará muy cambiante, ten paciencia.







Tauro 22 de abril-21 de mayo

  • Derrota  

Sigues llorando por lo perdido, eso te impide ver el sol que aparece cada mañana, regálate un día de buen sexo, mejor comida, excelente música, para superar los malos ratos hay que auto consentirse. Lo mereces. Nadie logra algo importante sin antes fracasar varias veces. Juega.





Géminis 22 mayo – 21 julio

  • Compasión

Un acto generoso puede estar por encima de la Ley y el Orden. La compasión es una virtud que bien dosificada puede evitar males peores. Con tu sabiduría innata sabes tomar las mejores decisiones, pero a veces te ataca la rigidez, recuerda que es mejor pecar por generoso. Perdona.






Cáncer 22 junio – 21 julio

  • Oficios

Es hora de que revises tu empleo o trabajo. Tienes que ver si te gusto o lo soportas. Si te agrada lo que haces y eres feliz, es casi un pasatiempo y te entregas con devoción, si lo detestas es una carga. Busca el equilibrio y activa la prosperidad. La vida te abre diversos caminos, escoge el que te haga feliz, aunque no sea el más fácil. Aprovecha estos días para tomar decisiones.





Leo 22 julio – 21 agosto

  • Jefe

Tendrás una reunión de trabajo muy importante, date tu puesto, no necesitas de una tremenda entrevista para quedar bien, sólo dí la verdad. El trabajo creador da mucha felicidad, te entenderás con el jefe, con los socios y hasta con los empleados,  mantenlos informados a todos para que no haya confusiones






Capricornio 22 diciembre- 21 enero


Aprovecha los días de lluvia para actualizar conocimientos mediante tutoriales. Debes actualizarte, ahora la gente tiene que aprender todos los días. Busca los tutoriales de you tube es la nueva forma de aprender, y son gratis. También hay cursos de idiomas auspiciados por las embajadas y los centros culturales de los diversos países, tal como están las cosas terminaremos hablando chino.





Virgo (Agosto 23 – Septiembre 22)

  • Limpieza

Para que las vibraciones positivas entren en tu oficina y en tu casa debes darle una limpieza, con agua y vinagre, comienza por la silla, sigue por el escritorio y de último el suelo. Coloca una planta en agua. No olvides que este mes es para botar, sacar, limpiar y consolidar lo iniciado, todo esto requiere de un gran esfuerzo de tu parte, si las lluvias o el clima te encierran en tu casa, ponte a ordenar y a botar cosas inútiles.







Libra (Septiembre 23 – Octubre 22) 

  • Egoísmo

  • Andas saturado por abusos de una persona que te ronda.  Mejor pon límites antes de que pierdas la cabeza, Hay gente que mide hasta donde puede llegar, todos quieren defender su pedacito de poder y por eso el mundo está lleno de egoístas. Saca esa veta generosa y verás que el mejor negocio es ser buena gente todo lo que se da, regresa.





Escorpio (Octubre 23 – Noviembre 21)


Cuando mucho llueve las camas vibran. Mas vale prevenir que lamentar, toma anti conceptivos o ten condones a la mano, porque una noche loca puede terminar en un bebé no pautado. La gente piensa en eso después de meter la pata. Alguien del siglo XXI tiene los hijos que quiere y puede. Pero hay que planificar y andar prevenido.






Sagitario (Noviembre 22 – Diciembre 21) 

  • Secreto

Si de verdad quieres conservar un secreto, no lo cuentes. A nadie, evita cualquier clase de comentarios porque los cuentos corren de manera exponencial saca la cuenta. Le cuentas tu historia negra a una persona, esa se la repita a otra ya lo saben tres, en menos de una semana estarán en boca de una docena de persona, y si la historia es gótica y tenebrosa pronto será viral en las redes.





Capricornio (Diciembre 22 – Enero 19)


La puntualidad no es tu virtud, inténtalo. Hay mil cosas que atentan contra el tiempo, lo mejor es adelantar los relojes quince minutos. No te angusties, siempre el destino nos alcance. Compra un reloj. Evita la costumbre de criticar a todos para tratar de queda como el superior. No engañas a nadie y luces con inseguridades. Son dos aspectos  mejorables en la mayoría de las personas de tu signo: la impuntalidad y la criticadera.





Acuario  Enero 20 – Febrero 18


Si estás conociendo a una chica, o a un chico de quien poco sabes, asegúrate que de verdad es una mujer o un hombre, porque ahora la vida da sorpresas. Algo tienen que atraen y ahora hay mas libertades. Si estás pensando en cambiar de sexo, no necesitas operarte. Hay para todos los gustos. Intenta morderte la lengua y contar hasta tres antes de demostrar tu enojo. Tiempos para cerrar la boca.






Piscis 22 febrero – 21 marzo


Comienzas una etapa de consolidación de logros en tu vida. Te estabilizan en el trabajo, en el amor y hasta en el dinero que es lo que mas te cuesta. Da gracias a la vida por tantos dones, tus esfuerzos se ven recompensados, pero hay muchos que te han ayudado en esta ruta que ahora culminas.








El 2 de septiembre de 1962

 El futbolista brasileño Pelé anota el gol n.º 500 de su carrera



Pelé , es un exfutbolista brasileño reconocido por la mayoría de los especialistas, periodistas, exfutbolistas y aficionados como el «mejor futbolista de la historia». Con la selección brasileña, ganó las Copas Mundiales de 19581962 y 1970, siendo el jugador que más veces y más joven la ha obtenido con 17 años, y participó en cuatro —también en 1966—, en las cuales anotó, siendo quien en más ediciones lo ha hecho​ con 12 goles en total.

​ Fue el «mejor jugador» en 1970 y el «mejor jugador joven» en 1958. Debutó como profesional con el Santos en 1956, en el cual militó hasta 1974 y llegó a ser el «mejor club del mundo» en 1962 y 1963, consiguiendo un título de la Supercopa de Campeones Intercontinentales, dos de la Copa Intercontinental, dos de la Copa Libertadores de América, seis del Campeonato Brasileño de Serie A, cuatro del Torneo Río-São Paulo y diez del Campeonato Paulista.

Es el «máximo goleador histórico» de dichos equipos y de la competición mundial de clubes,respectivamente con 77, 1 091 —643 oficiales, el mayor número en el mismo club y siete tantos. Estuvo en el conjunto New York Cosmos de los Estados Unidos entre 1975 y 1977, cuando se retiró, conquistando una Liga Norteamericana de Fútbol y un Campeonato de la Conferencia Atlántica. Marcó 1 284 goles según la RSSSF, de los cuales 767 fueron oficiales —la tercera mayor cifra en la historia—,​ destacando el Gol de placa.

Después de futbolista, fue actor y cantante.Fue nombrado Ciudadano del Mundo por la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) en 1977, Embajador para la Ecología y el Medio Ambiente por la ONU en 1992, Embajador de Educación, Ciencia, Cultura y Buenos Deseos de la Unesco en 1994, Ministro extraordinario de Deportes por el gobierno de Brasil entre 1994 y 1998, Caballero de Honor del Imperio Británico en 1997 y Embajador del Deporte en el Foro Económico Mundial de 2006.202122​ En 1999 el Comité Olímpico Internacional lo distinguió como el «mejor deportista del siglo XX».

En 2000 fue elegido como el «mejor futbolista del siglo XX» con el 73 % en una votación realizada por la Comisión de Fútbol de la FIFA y los suscriptores de la Revista FIFA, por la Federación Internacional de Historia y Estadística de Fútbol, así como en una encuesta respondida por los ganadores del Balón de Oro.

​ En 2004 la FIFA le encargó la elaboración de la lista de los «125 mejores futbolistas vivos» por la celebración de su centenario. A pesar de no haber ganado el Balón de Oro en su carrera, premio al que en aquella época solo podían optar futbolistas europeos, la revista France Football le concedió el Balón de Oro Honorífico por su gran trayectoria en la gala de premiación del FIFA Balón de Oro de 2013.​ En 2015, publicó que hubiese obtenido siete trofeos: de 1958 a 1961, 1963, 1964 y 1970.



La entrada Horóscopo de Hoy, 2 de septiembre se publicó primero en Miami Diario.

Construction sites buckle down ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s landfall, Brightline suspends service: Daily digest

Construction sites buckle down ahead of Hurricane Dorian’s landfall, Brightline suspends service: Daily digest

Every day, The Real Deal rounds up South Florida’s biggest real estate news, from breaking news and scoops to announcements and deals. We update this page throughout the day. Please send any tips or deals to

This page was last updated at 5:20 p.m.

Hurricane Dorian is a Category 3 hurricane as it heads across the Atlantic Ocean toward Florida’s coastline. The storm is projected to make landfall on early Tuesday morning between Martin and Palm Beach Counties as a Category 4 storm, according to the Miami Herald. At 2 p.m. National Hurricane Center said Dorian is increasing in strength in the Atlantic Ocean, with maximum sustained winds at 115 miles per hour, up from 110 miles per hour at the 11 a.m. update. [Miami Herald]


A satellite image of Hurricane Dorian (Credit: Getty Images, iStock)

A satellite image of Hurricane Dorian (Credit: Getty Images, iStock)

Developers and builders are preparing for the hurricane by securing their construction sites. Across South Florida, developers and builders are securing tower cranes to blow with the wind like a weather vane, putting away debris that could become projectiles and emptying out dumpsters of loose materials as Dorian approaches the Sunshine State. [TRD]


Sergio Rok buys a building in downtown Miami. Downtown Realty Investments LLP, which is tied to Rok Acquisitions, paid $5 million for the property at 275 Northeast First Street. It abuts the buildings at 144 Northeast Third Avenue and 256 Northeast Second Street, which Rok Acquisitions also owns. [TRD]


Real estate deals are on hold due to Hurricane Dorian. Insurance companies hold the key to any real estate closing that involves a mortgage, so it’s no surprise that a major storm would throw a wrench in a buyer’s plans to close on a property. [TRD]


Brightline to suspend service starting this weekend. The high speed rail’s final departures from West Palm Beach and Miami will depart at 12 p.m. on Saturday, the company said. Rail crossings along the corridor will be secured by Florida East Coast Railway (FECR) in anticipation of gusts reaching 35 miles per hour within the next 72 hours. [TRD]


Entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic paid $17 million for two units at One Thousand Museum. It marked the most expensive closing to date at the Zaha Hadid-designed condo tower. Cimex Invest, led by Jana Sobotova and Petr Lukes closed on units 5501 and 5502 at the 62-story, 84-unit luxury tower at 1000 Biscayne Boulevard in downtown Miami. [TRD]


D.R. Horton heads south. Homebuilder D.R. Horton paid $11.5 million for 25 acres in Florida City as homebuilders continue to push south and buy land in southern Miami-Dade County. Arlington, Texas-based DR Horton bought the property at 612 Northeast 4th Street in Florida City for $452,756 per acre, records show. Florida City 70 Acres LLC, which is led by Alicio Pina, sold the property. [TRD]


Sunny Isles Beach skyline (Credit: Getty Images)

Sunny Isles Beach skyline (Credit: Getty Images)

Sunny Isles development boom could slow. Sunny Isles Beach gave preliminary approval to a moratorium on real estate development on the west side of Collins Avenue. The moratorium is in an area with low- and mid-rise building across from a high-rise row of oceanfront condo towers. [TRD]


A renewed optimism for trade talks between the U.S. and China helped push real estate stocks up so far this week, along with the broader stock market. Since Monday, the S&P 500 is up 2 percent, and 19 of the 28 real estate stocks The Real Deal follows — a mix of real estate investment trusts, real estate services firms and technology companies — also made gains for the week. [TRD]


Morgan Group and Mesirow Financial closed on a $80 million refinance. The development group secured the loan for their Midtown apartment tower next to the popular Cuban restaurant Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop. Miami Midtown 29 LLC, a joint venture between Houston-based Morgan Group and Mesirow Financial, will use the financing from TIAA for Midtown 29 at 180 Northeast 29th Street. [TRD]


Thor Equities plans to spend $900 million on logistics space as it launches a new e-commerce business. Thor appears to be joining many companies in a move away from brick and mortar to online shopping by developing warehouse facilities. ThorLogis already has two developments in the works — one in Red Hook, Brooklyn and one in the Netherlands. [WSJ]


Realogy’s stock drops below $5 per share. Realogy is the biggest brokerage conglomerate in the country. And its stock is now worth $4.75.
Shares are down nearly 22 percent since the market opened after Realogy announced changes to a military referral program that will impact its 2020 earnings. The change was disclosed in regulatory filings late Wednesday. In the filings, Realogy said it was ending its current military rewards program, offered through the United Services Automobile Association. [TRD]


Why are so many people leaving New York? Data compiled by Bloomberg shows that roughly 277 people are leaving New York every day — more than any other major U.S. city. According to the report, 200,000 residents left New York last year; many are pushed out by the high cost of homes and local taxes. [Bloomberg]


Compiled by Keith Larsen

The Classic Negroni Gets a Reboot at These Miami Restaurants

The Classic Negroni Gets a Reboot at These Miami Restaurants

The story of how 100 years ago an Italian count invented the unofficial cocktail of summer.

A classic Negroni made with equal parts Campari, gin and sweet vermouth.
The history of the Negron…

CNH emitió alerta de tormenta tropical al norte de Vero Beach

CNH emitió alerta de tormenta tropical al norte de Vero Beach

El huracán Dorian siguió siendo una fuerte tormenta de categoría 4 el sábado por la noche mientras continuaba su lenta marcha hacia el oeste hacia las Bahamas y Florida.

Por Redacción MiamiDiario

El sábado por la tarde se emitió una alerta de tormenta tropical para la costa este de Florida desde Deerfield Beach al norte hasta Sebastian Inlet, justo al norte de Vero Beach. El Centro Nacional de Huracanes dijo que podrían requerirse más relojes para otras partes de la costa este de Florida esta noche o domingo, reportó Sun Sentinel.

La trayectoria proyectada de la tormenta permaneció en alta mar, en el aviso de las 8 pm para el Centro Nacional de Huracanes. Pero los pronosticadores dijeron que incluso si Florida se salva de un golpe directo, gran parte de la costa este del estado podría experimentar al menos vientos de fuerza tropical y posiblemente de vientos huracanados.

Una vigilancia de tormenta tropical significa que son posibles vientos de 39 a 73 mph en 48 horas.

Las escuelas permanecerán cerradas el martes en el condado de Palm Beach, que probablemente tendrá vientos más fuertes que Broward o Miami-Dade.

A partir de las 8 p.m., Dorian continuó acumulando vientos sostenidos máximos de 150 mph, a solo 7 mph del estado de Categoría 5.

La ruta pronosticada permaneció esencialmente sin cambios desde la ruta de la mañana, donde el centro se alejó de Florida y apuntó a las Carolinas. El cono de incertidumbre, que muestra posibles caminos para el centro de la tormenta, excluye los condados de Broward y Miami-Dade, pero incluye el resto de la costa de Florida al norte.

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Dos nuevos sistemas son vigilados por el Centro Nacional de Huracanes

Miami a 24 horas de la llegada de Dorian

Reportan varios heridos de bala por un tirador desde un vehículo en Texas

La entrada CNH emitió alerta de tormenta tropical al norte de Vero Beach se publicó primero en Miami Diario.

All eyes on cranes during Hurricane Dorian

All eyes on cranes during Hurricane Dorian

(Credit: Getty Images)

(Credit: Getty Images)

When Hurricane Irma swept through South Florida in 2017, three construction cranes collapsed amid the raging winds, despite assurances that the equipment could withstand wind speeds of over 100 miles per hour.

Now as Hurricane Dorian is strengthening across the Atlantic and is projected to become the largest hurricane to hit Florida’s east coast since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, developers and construction companies are looking to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again.

During Hurricane Irma, cranes collapsed at Related Group’s luxury condo project Gran Paraiso in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood, and at Property Markets Group’s X Miami apartment project in downtown Miami. Another crane collapsed at Related Group’s Auberge Beach Residences & Spa in Fort Lauderdale.

In 2017, all the crane issues came from the same crane model SK-315, according to a report issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The SK-315 model was manufactured by Noell Service.

The model had a design issue with the connection between the beam of the crane and the turntable that allows the crane to operate, according to OSHA. The cranes then collapsed when turbulent winds struck the cranes and caused the beam to separate from the equipment’s turntables and fall over.

But according to a report by Local 10 News in Miami, all SK-315 models were removed from the city and have not been brought back after the collapses, according to the Miami Building Department.

Peter Dyga, the CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida’s East Coast Chapter, said most cranes in Miami can withstand speeds of up to 120 miles per hour and the cranes shouldn’t collapse like last time. He said that cranes will be put into a mode called “weather vane,” which allows them to spin.

“People see them spinning, but that’s what they’re supposed to do. The tension is released by them turning,” Dyga said. “They are designed to be put in that mode and should be fine.”

He added that the cranes are put into the weather vane mode because “there are too many of them to be disassembled for the type of wide event we are looking at.”

Richard Schuerger of John Moriarty & Associates said the construction company has already completed its inspections on the cranes at its projects: 545 Wyn, a mixed-use office development in Wynwood; Elysee, a 57-story tall luxury condo project in the Edgewater neighborhood; and Amli Residential’s apartment development in Midtown Miami.

“The cranes are not coming down,” Schuerger said.